How New Adult-Use Markets Accelerate the Expansion of Legal Cannabis


Using Basket Analysis to Win in Store

Adult-use Legalization Spells Huge Opportunity in New York

Global Cannabis Sales Exceeded $21 Billion in 2020; BDSA Teams Up with Canaccord Genuity to Discuss the Latest Outlook

Arizona Launches Adult-Use Sales in Record Time

Expectations for Federal Cannabis Reform in 2021

Top 10 Cannabis Predictions of 2021

In-Depth Look at Cannabis Beverages

BDSA Webinar Recap - EAT: Insights into the Edibles Market

Vape Sales Rebound, but Still Lose Ground to Other Inhalables

Legal Cannabis Wins Big in 2020 Election

BDSA Forecasts Strong Growth in CBD Products In The US

BDSA Launches Retail Sales Tracking in Canada

The 'It's Complicated' Relationship between Cannabis and Alcohol

Gummies on the Rise: The Rapid Growth of the Most Popular Ingestible Cannabis Product

Legalization Prominent in 2020 Election

Strong Adult-Use Growth in Canada, Medical Shrinks

Global Cannabis Markets to Reach Nearly $20 Billion in 2020


BDSA: The Origin of Cannabinoid Data. Deeper.

BDSA Consumer Research Identifies 10 Segments of Diverse Cannabis Consumers and Non-Consumers

What is Driving the Surge in Per Capita Cannabis Spending?

Understanding the CBD Consumer

Beyond THC: The Cannabinoid Renaissance

Growing Acceptance of Legal Cannabis and the Impact on Ingestibles

Top 5 Insights: Independence Day

BDSA Becomes Official Insights Partner of Business of Cannabis

BDSA Launches Illinois Retail Sales Tracking

A Cannabis Holiday In Question: How Will The COVID-19 Crisis Impact Cannabis Business On 4/20?

Today we present a new name, a new look and a fresh step into the future: Behold BDSA!

COVID-19 Impact on U.S. Cannabis Markets

How Will "Cannabis 2.0" Affect the Legal Canadian Market?

2019 Was a Big Year for Legal Cannabis

Top Questions Coming Out of 2019 MJBizCon

Due-Diligence Is Key for Betting on Cannabis in Nevada

Cannabis Retail Opportunities Abound

BDS Analytics' Top 5: Exercise and Cannabis

CBD: Cannabidiol Breaks Out of the Legal Dispensary Channel

Pets, Pain and CBD: The Many Applications of Cannabinoid Products Webinar Recap

Top 5 Data Insights: Labor Day Weekend Sales

BDS Analytics' Top 5 Insights From Our Upcoming Pet & Pain Webinar

California’s Cannabis Industry is Ready to Realize Its Full Potential

BDS Analytics' Top 5 Cannabis Beverage Facts in 2019

Top 10 Ways People Are Consuming Cannabis in 2019

Gummies Are as Popular as Ever

BDS Analytics' Top 5 Insights: The Impact of Cannabis on the OTC and Prescription Drug Channels

Will Global Legal Cannabis Spending Exceed $40 Billion by 2024?

The $20 Billion CBD Race

4/20 is Coming

A More Conservative View of Canadian Cannabis Market Growth

Pharmaceutical Versus Dispensary Cannabinoids Competition

Welcome to the East Coast: Three Takeaways From the 2019 Seed to Sale Show

The 2018 California Cannabis Marketplace in Review

Top 10 Trends in Cannabis for 2019 (Mid-Year Update)

Cannabis in 2018: The Ups & Downs of Legalization

What Was Hot in Pot in 2018: Top 10 Cannabis Product Trends

From Sand to Snow — Californians, Coloradans Fire-Up Different Weed Styles

BDS Analytics' Top 10 Cannabis Market Trends for 2018 (UPDATED 11/16)

Today's Edibles Marketplace - Mouth Watering Options Abound

Top 10 Ways People Are Consuming Cannabis in 2018

Colorado vs California – The Tale of the Tape

Arizona Cannabis – A Legal Market Like No Other

Flower, Where Have You Gone?

America’s Own Homegrown Industry

Free Webinar: Legal Cannabis is a Game Changer for Beer, Wine, and Spirits

What's Hot in Pot Retail

Are Old School Concentrates Still On Fire?

California's Race to the Pot of Green Gold

California Out Of The (Golden) Gate: A Green Tide

How in the World Will People Consume $57 Billion Worth of Legal Cannabis?

Everybody is Interested in Cannabis — Including Your Realtor

A Budding Romance: Cannabis Lovers Embrace Valentine’s Day

It Might Not Get You Buzzed (On Its Own), But Consumers Are High on CBD

When It Comes to Slurping Sativa, Some Like It Hot

Consumer Insights Team To Present At Future Quirk's Events

Jan. 25 Webinar: Top 10 Cannabis Industry Trends of 2018

Initial Findings on California Adult-Use Sales…and “The Seven Effects”

That Gram of Kosher Kush in California Now Heavy With New Taxes

Congress, Not Jeff Sessions, Will Determine the Future of Legal Cannabis

Potent Changes to California's Cannabis Laws

The First Day of the First Year

A Tale of Two Cities

Strains Taking it to Blue Dream in States

Linda Gilbert to Present at University of Georgia MMR Research Summit

New West Summit - Here Comes the Data!

Now We Know What Californians Are Smoking

Labor Day Weekend is a Cannabis Bonanza

Pre-Rolls Rising and Falling

A 4/20 Boom? Not in the Beaver State

Cannabis Consumers are Happy Campers

Cannabis Consumers are Happy Campers!

The State of Strains

From Cannabis Business Executive: "It’s tea time for the cannabis market"

From AdvertisingAge: "It's Like IRI or NPD for Weed: Marijuana Gets Classic CPG-Like Market Research"

'In the Weeds' Episode 13: The Frontier of Cannabis Promotion Featuring Lee Henderson, Co-Founder of HiFi Farms

'In the Weeds' Episode 12: Featuring Jeremy Bamford, Founder of PotGuide

'In the Weeds' Episode 11: Women Cannabis Consumers are Different. How? Featuring Terri Nopp, Founder of Happy Parties

From Vocativ: Tampons, Lip Balm, Cocoa: Startups Cultivate Female Cannabis Lifestyle

From the Daily Beast: Here’s Why We’ve Been Getting Stoned Alone—and Why That’s About to Change

4/20: Which Weekend (Before or After) is the Biggie?

'In the Weeds' Episode 10: BDS Analytics' Own Claire Kaufmann Dishes About The Le'Or Cannabis Passover Seder

Consumers In CO and OR Go Their Own Way With Edibles

420 Special Webinar - Optimize Sales for your Dispensary or Brand - April 13th, 2017 - 12-1 PST

'In the Weeds' Episode 9: 420 Special - How to Best Optimize Sales for 420 - For Retailers and For Brands

'In the Weeds' Episode 8: Meet Rob Meagher, Founder of Cannabis Business Executive

Cannabis Balms are the Bomb

'In the Weeds' Episode 7: Meet Dan Anglin, Founder of AmeriCanna, One of the Top Edibles Brands in Colorado

Fresh Colorado Data Reveals Vape Pen Growth & Trends

Gorilla Glue #4 Rising in Strain Jungle

'In the Weeds" Episode 5: Cannabis Consumer Research Study - Featuring Linda Gilbert, Director of Consumer Research for BDS Analytics

'In the Weeds" Episode 4: Mood Matters - Featuring Charles Jones, Founder of Lucid Mood

What's Hot and What's Not? Attend our Market Overview Webinar, March 16th 1-2pm MT

2016 Oregon Cannabis Market Synopsis - Top Selling Categories, Biggest Opportunities Ahead, Consumer Preferences

In the Weeds Episode 3: Double Bottom Line Cannabis Brands - How Giving Back Contributes to Your Bottom Line - Featuring Jesce Horton, Founder of the MCBA

In the Weeds Episode 2: Microdosing - Expert Marketing Insight on Marijuana's Latest Product Trend - Featuring Kiva Confections and Sweet Grass Kitchen

BDS Analytics Receives "Cannavation Award" for Sales Strategy at National Cannabis Industry Association's Annual Seed to Sale Show

In the Weeds Episode 1: Dispensary Merchandising Best Practices Featuring Marijuana Retail Guru Greg Shoenfeld

From Forbes: "Marijuana Prices Fall In 2016 As Growers Flood The Market With Pot"

From MG Retailer: "Welcome to Vapelandia! A Report on the State of the Booming Vape Industry"

From Cannabis Business Times: "Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?" Where you live should drive what you grow.

From CommArts: "Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy the Aroma of the Next Big Market for Designers: Cannabis."

Data from BDS Analytics Shows Oregon's Dispensary Sales Dropped Another 12% in November

From MarketWatch: "Marijuana sales rose 30% in 2016 and are expected to triple in four years"

News Release: BDS Analytics and ArcView Market Research Partner for "The State of the Legal Marijuana Markets - 5th Edition"

From Forbes: "Marijuana Sales Totaled $6.7 Billion In 2016"

BDS Analytics Director of Retail Relations, Greg Shoenfeld, Kills It On "The Cannabist" with Ricardo Baca - Watch Now!

Implementing the New Oregon Cannabis Rules Has Been Bad for Business

From Westword: Marijuana Breaks Sales Records in September

From MG Magazine: BDS Analytics' Director of Retail Relations, Greg Shoenfeld Tells Your Cannabis Business How to Grow Sales This Holiday Season

From Oregon Business Magazine: Northwest Regional Director Claire Kaufmann Dishes With Panel of Experts on the Future of Cannabis in Oregon

From Westword: BDS Analytics Launches Scientific Consumer Survey of Nation's Cannabis Users

From Daily Camera: Boulder’s BDS Analytics launches consumer research division for cannabis industy

NCIA and BDS Analytics Partner to Serve NCIA Members with Valuable Industry Data

NCIA and BDS Analytics Partner to Serve NCIA Members with Valuable Industry Data

Cannabis Boom Shows No Signs of Quieting in Colorado

Cannabis Boom Shows No Signs of Quieting in Colorado

BDSA Releases Detailed Forecast for 4/20 in CO and WA

BDS Analytics Releases Detailed Forecast for 4/20 in CO and WA

From Alternet: 5 Reasons Blue Dream Is the Most Popular Marijuana Strain

BDS Analytics Hires Data Veteran Tom Jones as Director of Analytics

BDS Analytics Releases First Detailed Study of Colorado Cannabis Data

BDS Analytics Releases First Detailed Study of Colorado Cannabis Data

BDS Analytics Releases Detailed Study of Washington State Cannabis Data

BDS Analytics Releases Detailed Study of Washington State Cannabis Data

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