A Budding Romance: Cannabis Lovers Embrace Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2018 8:30:22 AM / by BDSA


Valentine’s Day means chocolate and flowers for most of America — including couples in cannabis-friendly states.

Only instead of red roses, the flower might be an eighth of Rose Bud, an indica-heavy hybrid with a floral aroma. And the chocolate? A bar of dark chocolate speckled with violet petals and infused with cannabis oil extracted from Love Potion #1, a sativa-dominant strain.

Just as this new frontier of cannabis legalization spreads across America, BDS Analytics data for the first time reveals that love birds clearly exchange cannabis products to mark the heart-happy holiday. Last year, sales of chocolate on Valentine’s Day in Colorado, Washington and Oregon hit $221,700. That was a Tuesday, and no other Tuesday across the year surpassed Valentine’s Day for chocolate sales, including the other chocolate-packed holiday, Halloween, which also fell on a Tuesday.

BDS Research Finds Cannabis & Sex A Popular Hybrid

Exchanging Blue Dream bouquets and boxes of THC-saturated truffles — including treats like Coda Signature truffles and Blue Kudu Bon Bons for Coloradans and Wyld chocolates for Oregonians — on Valentine’s Day might be tied, at least in part, to mutual affections for cannabis. But the gift giving, too, represents certain goals. Specifically, objectives that are intrinsic to romance.

BDS Analytics consumer research shows that 27 percent of female cannabis consumers say they savor cannabis for sex. And among them, those who have kids at home are the most likely to turn to marijuana for good times between the sheets. Dads? Take note.

Unlike a clutch of flowers or a chocolate-draped strawberry — does anybody really eat plain old chocolate thinking it will boost their libido? — cannabis for many translates directly into high passion.

Thinking of heading to your friendly neighborhood dispensary today for some gift shopping? BDS Analytics is here for you, Romeo or Juliet (or both of you). Our crack team of analysts has interrogated our extensive consumer research data for helpful tips about the places where marijuana and mating intersect.

Your Data-Driven Cannabis Guide to Valentine’s Day

  • Women 35+ prefer edibles (hello, chocolate) and topicals (products from Lord Jones and Papa & Barkley are among many smart choices for Californians, and Oregonians might consider Medicine Farm Botanicals).
  • Recent Adopters — people who are newer to cannabis — also like edibles and topicals, and they prefer low-dose options. Look for edibles, for example, that are sold in 2.5 milligrams of THC portions — that is low-dose (the Buttermelts from Sweet Grass Kitchen are a popular choice).
  • About half of cannabis consumers enjoy trying new products. So if you know that your squeeze normally likes smoking joints of Gorilla Glue, go ahead and treat him to a few joints, but think about mixing it up with something like Connect No. 401 from Canndescent if you are in California. Or, try a vape from Beboe.
  • Connoisseurs? Twenty-seven percent of cannabis consumers self-identify as pot experts. If you think your honey is among the weed sophisticates, chat with a helpful budtender for something new and exciting. Something you know…sexy.
  • Evening is high time for most consumption. Nearly a third prefer early-evening cannabis consumption, while more than half like it later in the evening. And for most of us, evening is when the good times roll on Valentine's Day.
  • It turns out cannabis consumers enjoy pairing consumption of their favorite plant with experiences. And some of them merge splendidly with romance. Nearly half like to mix marijuana and movies, more than a quarter dig it with chocolate (hey, when the chocolate is saturated with THC you can only nibble so much — so that traditional box of truffles might still be a good move), eighteen percent combine it with fine dining and craft beer (respectively), and 14 percent love it with wine. We bet on Valentine’s Day — quite the wine-amped holiday — that number rises higher.





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