From Daily Camera: Boulder’s BDS Analytics launches consumer research division for cannabis industy

Sep 23, 2016 9:08:02 PM / by BDSA

By Shay Castle, Staff Writer | September 2, 2016

Boulder-based BDS has launched the first consumer research survey dedicated to cannabis consumers.

"The number one rule for all businesses is, 'Know your customer,'" said BDS Founder and CEO Roy Bingham. "As the cannabis industry's leading market research firm, we decided to invest in serious consumer research on behalf of the industry."

Linda Gilbert, a market research veteran, will lead the new division. Linda has more than 30 years of experience conducting in-depth consumer research for Fortune 100 companies and emerging industries, including natural foods, supplements, pharmaceuticals and beverages.

"Among the questions we are trying to answer are, Why are people using marijuana?" said Gilbert. "How does it improve their overall sense of well-being? Who is reaching out to marijuana to relieve pain and anxiety, enhance social interaction and even improve sex? How does it help older consumers deal with stress, anxiety, arthritis, depression and boredom? How does it affect alcohol use, and influence dependency on pharmaceuticals and over-the- counter pain relievers?"

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