In the Weeds Episode 1: Dispensary Merchandising Best Practices Featuring Marijuana Retail Guru Greg Shoenfeld

Feb 2, 2017 1:13:10 PM / by BDSA

In our inaugural episode we yak with
BDS Analytics' Director of Retail Relations, Greg Shoenfeld


Greg Shoenfeld, Director of Retail Relations for BDS Analytics Greg Shoenfeld, Director of Retail Relations for BDS Analytics

About our guest Greg Shoenfeld,
Director of Retail Relations for BDS Analytics

Greg Shoenfeld has nearly two decades of experience helping retailers make smarter, data-driven business decisions. Prior to leading retail relations at BDS Analytics, Greg held a similar position with Leisure Trends, a consumer data company serving the outdoor hiking and biking industry. To date, Greg has worked directly with hundreds of dispensaries around the country. He understands the unique challenges they face on a daily basis when it comes to merchandising and inventory optimization.

Today Greg will answer questions like:

If marijuana dispensaries already sell through all of their product, why does merchandising even matter, or why does marketing even matter?

What are some of the major differences you've observed between dispensaries in Colorado, Oregon and Washington

How can I best merchandise flower, concentrates and edibles in my store?

Does store ambiance even matter? Things like sound, lighting and aroma? Aren't people just happy enough buying legal weed?

What are the top three mistakes you see cannabis dispensary owners make when it comes to merchandising?

What is the number one under-utilized resource in dispensaries today?

If I work in a dispensary and I am listening to this humble podcast, what is ONE thing that I could do TODAY to boost sales?

Stay tuned for our next episode of In the Weeds where we'll tackle the emerging trend of micro-dosing. (And, what does that even mean?) We'll chat with Christie Strong, Director of Marketing for Kiva Confections and Jesse Burns Director of Marketing for Sweet Grass Kitchen.



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