'In the Weeds' Episode 11: Women Cannabis Consumers are Different. How? Featuring Terri Nopp, Founder of Happy Parties

Apr 25, 2017 10:05:14 AM / by BDSA

intheweedslogoOn this week's podcast we yak with Terri Nopp, founder of Happy Parties, about the unique needs and preferences of the woman cannabis consumer.

Listen to the latest podcast here.

About Terri Nopp, Founder of Happy Parties

With 25 years of communications experience ranging from start-up positioning, to enterprise global messaging, Her latest endeavor, HAPPY Parties, is growing rapidly and is now licensed in three states. HAPPY Parties, follows the traditional home based party model, allowing new cannabis consumers to learn about and consume cannabis in the comfort of their own home. 

Listen to the latest podcast here.

Today on "In the Weeds:"

For those that are new to the home-based party model how does it work?
How do you think you meet new consumer's unique needs?
It turns out that 50% of women cannabis consumers use it to treat specific ailments like PMS and pain. Women are using to relax, sleep better,and manage stress and anxiety. Do you see this same trend at your parties?
Trust, it seems, matters more to women than anything else when making a cannabis purchase. Why do you think that is?
Women view budtenders like hairdressers. Why?
Women care less about strain names and genetics and more about effectiveness? Why?

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