'In the Weeds' Episode 12: Featuring Jeremy Bamford, Founder of PotGuide

May 2, 2017 11:19:05 AM / by BDSA

intheweedslogoToday on 'In the Weeds' we get to know Jeremy Bamford, founder of PotGuide, the internet's most popular site for cannabis tourism. Learn how he has grown his company even with limited cannabis online advertising options, and what he sees for pot tourism in the future.

Listen to the latest podcast here.

About Jeremy Bamford, Founder of PotGuide

Jeremy Bamford is a seasoned internet marketer. He founded PotGuide in 2013, recognizing a lack of practical information for the marijuana enthusiast as well as outlets for businesses to promote their goods and services. PotGuide has more than 600,000 visits a month and is growing rapidly.


Listen to the latest podcast here.

Today on "In the Weeds:"

How is your site different from the tons of other MJ sites?
Tell us about your most successful content?
Where are most of your readers from, what does that say about the future of the industry?
How did you grow your site with all of the limitations on cannabis online advertising?
Where do you see PotGuide in the coming years?

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