'In the Weeds' Episode 9: 420 Special - How to Best Optimize Sales for 420 - For Retailers and For Brands

Apr 3, 2017 5:35:36 PM / by BDSA


intheweedslogoThis week's podcast promises to be our most informative yet.  As we all know in the cannabis industry, our Christmas comes in April. Listen this week as we give real, tangible advice about how to make the most of your sales on 420. 

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About Greg Shoenfeld, Director of Operations for BDS Analytics

Greg Shoenfeld - BDS Analytics' Director of Operations

On today's show we chat with none other than cannabis retail guru Greg Shoenfeld. Greg knows more about what works in cannabis retail than almost anyone else in the industry.  He has over 100 retail clients across Colorado. He has decades of experience driving sales at the retail level and then served as the Director of Retail Relations for Leisure Trends, the leading consumer data company in the hiking and biking industry. He knows what brands and retail outlets can drive purchase and gain loyalty.

Listen to the latest podcast here.

Today on "In the Weeds:"

Is 420 as big a deal as we all think it is?

What percentage of a dispensary's sales come from 420, or the days leading up to 420?

How can dispensaries merchandise products to drive sales on 420? Does lighting matter, what about sound or aroma?

What can brands do to get ready for 420?

What is the number one mistake you see dispensaries and brands make when it comes to 420 sales?

Are there tools dispensaries can use to optimize their sales, if so, which ones do you recommend?

How can dispensaries use 420 as a way to engage their customers all year long?

For a long time 420 was an activists holiday. Now that things are above board, do you think 420 is a dying holiday?  Is it just a good time to get good deals?


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