Now We Know What Californians Are Smoking

Oct 4, 2017 1:53:16 PM / by BDSA

The cannabis industry has waited nearly four years — since Colorado dispensaries first began selling marijuana to recreational customers — for comprehensive data exploring retail trends and consumer behavior in the fastest-growing industry in America.


The data-drought is over. Next up: California.


As the industry’s leader in cannabis data analytics and business intelligence we now offer robust data illuminating all of the places where legal cannabis, retail and consumer behavior intersect.


How do Californians like their cannabis? Let us count the ways — and reveal how they differ from cannabis consumers in other states.


Concentrates? It is the fastest-growing segment of the cannabis industry among all states, but in California the passion for concentrates — and particularly one style — stands out. What genus of cannabis do Californians embrace with special gusto — sativa or indica? Pre-rolls have been a steady source of income for industry stakeholders since the beginning of the recreational movement. Californians, too, enjoy pre-rolled joints, but Golden Staters veer from consumers in other states when it comes to one particular style of pre-roll.


Find answers to these questions — and to all of the other questions you had about cannabis retail trends in California — in our report, ‘Now We Know What Californians are Smoking.”

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