Pets, Pain and CBD: The Many Applications of Cannabinoid Products Webinar Recap

Sep 11, 2019 3:22:35 PM / by BDSA posted in Cannabis, CBD, Cannabis Pet Treats, Cannabinoid, Cannabis for Pets, CBD for Pets, Consumer Insights, Cannabis for Cats, Cannabis for Dogs, Cannabinoids


CBD: it spans product categories, retail channels, regulatory landscapes – and even species. Last month’s webinar covered the current cannabinoid market as it relates to pain management as well as pet care, both within the dispensary channel (CBD from marijuana) and in the general retail market (hemp-derived CBD). While pain management and pet care might seem like disparate angles from which to talk about cannabinoids, they actually do have some common ground. The wellness market is booming, as consumers’ approach to health care shifts; similarly, the pet industry has grown consistently as pets take on an increasingly heightened role in the American household. Both cannabinoid-based pain and pet products cross retail channels, with availability in medical and adult-use dispensaries as well as across general market retail channels. And, across pain management and pet care, cannabinoid-based products are a welcome supplement (or alternative) to other forms of medical or wellness-based solutions. Here we’ll look at some of the main takeaways from the webinar – but for the full story, you can watch the presentation and download the deck here.

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