Top 5 Insights: Independence Day

Jul 2, 2020 2:13:03 PM / by BDSA

  1. Independence Day and cannabis go hand-in-hand: “daytime fun” and well as “celebrating special events” are top occasions for cannabis consumption.
  2. Cannabis sales spiked in the days surrounding the July 4th holiday in 2019, increasing 31% between July 1-3, and 21% between July 4-6.
  3. Although inhalable products – flower and concentrates – comprised the majority of sales in the days surrounding July 4th 2019, ingestible products experienced a boost in sales before and after the holiday, increasing 27% during July 1-6 - with candy experiencing the sharpest increase of 50% during the first week in July
  4. Independence Day offers day-to-night festivities as well as opportunities for consumption. Inhalables are the top product choice for daytime and evening consumption, perfect for transitioning from backyard BBQs to late night fireworks!
  5. July 4th celebrations involve pairings of friends, food and festivities: 30% of consumers typically pair alcohol and cannabis in group settings.

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