From Sand to Snow — Californians, Coloradans Fire-Up Different Weed Styles

Nov 20, 2018 10:41:32 AM / by BDSA

They share plenty — western states with rugged mountains, lots of free spirits, a passion for craft brewing and loads of legal cannabis. But when it comes to marijuana, California and Colorado are not twins. California’s legal cannabis market is much larger (it’s the biggest in the world). And pot grows like a weed outdoors in much of the state; in high, dry Colorado outdoor cultivation is a tougher challenge.

And then there are the most popular strains. Here, the lands of California Dreaming and Rocky Mountain High diverge sharply. In short, those mellow, laid-back Californians prefer one style of weed, while the mountain-climbing and slope-schusshing Centennial Staters embrace something much different. First, the breakdown.

California’s Top Five Strains Through September 2018

  • Blue Dream, $10.1 million, $7.90 average retail
  • Strawberry Banana, $6.2 million, $9.70 average retail
  • OG Kush, 5.8 million, $8.72 average retail
  • Super Silver Haze, $5.5 million, average retail $12.26
  • Do-Si-Dos, $5.5 million, average retail $10.23

Colorado’s Top Five Strains through September 2018

  • Blue Dream, $6.6 million, average retail $4.10
  • Durban Poison, $3.7 million, average retail $3.24
  • Golden Goat, $3.1 million, average retail $4.43
  • Gorilla Glue #4, $2.6 million, average retail $3.38
  • Red Headed Stranger, $2.7 million, average retail $3.46

How do the strain profiles differ? For one thing, there is the average retail: In California, it’s $9.60 for the top five strains. In Colorado, that number shrinks to $3.46. Holy smokes — big difference.

But the strains themselves tell the more interesting tale.

Laid-back Californians love strains like this indica-heavy Do-Si-Do

Let’s scrutinize the Golden State strains in more detail.

  • Blue Dream: A sativa-dominant hybrid famous for full-body relaxation, mental stimulation and euphoria.
  • Strawberry Banana: Indica-dominant hybrid good for creativity and calm.
  • OG Kush: Indica-dominant hybrid that brings heavy euphoria and relaxation.
  • Super Silver Haze: An energetic, uplifting sativa-hybrid.
  • Do-Si-Dos: A full-on couchlock indica. Prepare to merge with YouTube.

    Hard-charging Coloradans prefer energetic sativas like this Durban Poison.

And now, Colorado strains.

  • Blue Dream: See the CA entry.
  • Durban Poison: A potent sativa that will give your day (or night) a big boost.
  • Golden Goat: A sativa-heavy hybrid that brings on the grins and the get up and go.
  • Gorilla Glue #4: A super-strong sativa hybrid that consumers embraced for the sense of uplifted euphoria that it delivers.
  • Red Headed Stranger: A straight-up sativa that is great for focus.

The biggest difference? Of the top five strains in California, three lean towards mellow indicas. And Blue Dream, which is a sativa hybrid, behaves somewhat more like an indica. Only Super Silver Haze counts as a no-holds-barred sativa. In Colorado, by contrast, not a single strain falls into the land of indica, with the caveat that Blue Dream does have more laid-back properties than many other sativa-leaning hybrids. It’s all about hard-charging weed in Colorado.

Eager to kick-back on a beach and lose yourself to the sound of waves and seagulls? California dispensaries have got you covered. More interested in a vigorous hike to a mountain lake? In boarding down an untouched expanse of pow? Visit a Colorado dispensary — the budtenders will understand what you need.






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